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Alcohol and drug withdrawal is the set of symptoms experienced with someone stops or reduces their alcohol or drug intake following a period of dependence. Cleveland Drug Treatment Centers understands that detox and treatment programs are designed to assist this process, with medications prescribed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and medical staff on hand to support the process. Alcohol withdrawal takes place at specialized detox centers, where patients can access everything they need under one roof. Following detox treatment, therapy and relapse prevention training can begin.

Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous in some cases, with professional clinicians able to evaluate patients before starting medication treatment. While it is possible to detox at home in certain situations, residential detox is recommended is the vast majority of cases. Alcohol withdrawal can include a physical-somatic or emotional-motivational withdrawal syndrome, with many substances producing both physical and mental symptoms when drug use is stopped.

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Cocaine Withdrawal

Regular cocaine users may become dependent on the drug, with tolerance developing over time and dependence possible. While cocaine does not have a physical withdrawal syndrome in the same way as alcohol or heroin, a number of emotional and motivational withdrawal symptoms are experienced upon cessation of use.

Typical symptoms include itching, paranoia, depression, exhaustion, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, insomnia and an intense desire to use drugs. Some users also report a symptom known as formication, where people experience a crawling sensation on or under the skin. While a detox period is often observed to assist drug discontinuation, it is also possible for people to enter the rehab environment without going through a formal detox period.

A number of medications have been investigated for the treatment of cocaine abuse and dependence, including acetylcysteine, baclofen, bupropion, vanoxerine and vigabatrin. While medications are not always used as part of the detox process, they have proved useful in some situations.

Following detoxification, patients are likely to be guided into behavioral therapy and counseling programs, with cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational therapy proving to be successful in the treatment of cocaine abuse. Conventional 12-step programs can also be used to treat cocaine dependence, with Cocaine Anonymous (CA) developing as an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous(AA).

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Alcohol and drug withdrawal can be long and severe, with medications often used to alleviate symptoms and reduce relapse rates. Alcohol causes physical dependence with long-term use, with withdrawal symptoms including vomiting, nausea, sweating, agitation, hand tremors, hallucinations, seizures, autonomic instability, insomnia and delirium tremens.

While some of these symptoms are little more than physical disturbances, other symptoms can be extremely severe and life-threatening. Medications are typically used to treat alcohol and drug withdrawal syndrome, with benzodiazepines the most widely prescribed drug during the withdrawal phase of treatment.

The most commonly used benzodiazepines are long-acting drugs such as chlordiazepoxide and diazepam, with these medications often substituted for short-acting drugs during the withdrawal process. Naltrexone and anticonvulsant medications such as topiramate and carbamazepine can be used to treat alcoholism in certain cases, with vitamins also administered during the detox process.

Following detox, alcoholics are likely to be directed towards behavioral therapy and counseling programs, with motivational incentives, family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy all used to treat the precedents of alcohol addiction.

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