Addiction and Mental Illness Drug Treatment in Cleveland

Coexisting mental health disorders occur in many individuals and are defined within a dual diagnosis as an individual who has an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other behavior combined with a mental disorder such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or anxiety. Coexisting mental health disorders can be hard to diagnose in some cases due to the fact that there are often similar symptoms in both the existing diseases and one or the other may go undiagnosed for some time. Doctors at addiction and mental illness drug treatment centers in Cleveland are now much more aware of the possibility of coexisting mental health disorders and are on the lookout for patients who might be suffering from more than one type mental health problem.

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How Do Coexisting Disorders Arise?

Addiction and other illnesses more typically categorized as mental health disorders have many similarities from both a patient's and a caregiver's point of view. First of all, both addiction and disorders like depression, anxiety can "run in the family," and a person can be predisposed to either or both based on their genetic background. This should not seem far-fetched in any way as both addiction and mental illnesses are diseases, and just as heart disease, diabetes, or high cholesterol can be passed down to future generations, so can these disorders as well.

Another trait that can be said to be an aspect of both addiction and mental disorders is the stigma attached to each. People are slow to admit they have a problem with addiction or depression or anxiety, which leads them to not seek treatment. This problem is compounded when a person has more than one disorder that they will most likely not be able to deal with on their own.


Thankfully, Cleveland medical professionals have now begun to treat individuals with coexisting disorders in a way that simultaneously addresses both of the diseases they are fighting. Patients are no longer shuffled between medical different disciplines, which happened in the past and was detrimental to the possibility of overcoming the two disorders. Medical detox and recovery programs such as Alcoholic ( and Narcotics Anonymous ( will help patients stay on the road to recovery. There are many Cleveland drug detox centers that can give you the treatment you need to overcome addiction. Call (877) 804-1531 to find out about available treatment options today!

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